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What inspires you? We need to know.

Here at Mottis, we consider inspiration a basic survival need, like food. And air. And water. (And cupcakes.)  It's part of what drives, directs and invigorates us.

This holiday season, we invite you to join our quest in seeking out and sharing inspiration. This celebration, titled The Inspired Life, will run from November 21 through December 20.

How it works:
1) Each day we’ve thought of an “assignment” to help you think outside the box. Download the image and then share it as a photo, with the hashtag #TheInspiredLife. And encourage your friends and followers to join our challenge!

2) From Nov. 21–Dec. 20, take an Instagram photo based on your interpretation of the daily assignment. Remember, there’s no right or wrong here. Just a chance to share how these words translate for you.

3) Caption each photo, making sure to use the hashtag #TheInspiredLife every day and post your image!

Think of it as a 30-day visual scavenger hunt: one that challenges your every day, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and discover the beauty and environment around you. Want more incentive? For the first 100 participants in our 30-day challenge, we’ll donate $5 for each participant to the Durham Art Guild and Student U to support their Creative Mentorship Program.

For more information about this campaign, contact us or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

#TheIndspiredLife 30 Days of Inspiration

#TheIndspiredLife 30 Days of Inspiration