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By Shelley Kelly, CEO

Progression with purpose. This is the ethos of Mottis. And how we are different from other marketing consultancies. How we are able to help companies simplify connecting with their audiences every day. Change is a possibility every minute of every day in the evolution of successful businesses today. Never a single moment in time, but all the time. However, it must be change with direction.

In true Mottis form, we are passing the baton. I recently offered Mariryan Starr, Executive Vice President, (and 10-year veteran of Mottis) the post of President and she graciously accepted the job. At an office-wide lunch last week celebrating her years of service and announcing her presidency, she responded in true Mariryan style, saying “I’m humbled by the talent that surrounds me. You challenge me to be better and I learn so much from you every day.” One of the (many) reasons everyone loves Mariryan so much here is her humility and ability to help everyone see how important they are in the company. She didn’t want this promotion to be a “big deal.” “No pomp and circumstance” she insisted. (Which is why this is not a wire release.)

We chose Mariryan for President because of her strong vision, supportive leadership style, and overall sensibility about solving business and creative challenges. Mariryan has already been performing much of the job of President in the past year. So, in many ways, this is a formality. In her new job, Mariryan has full oversight of daily agency operations including account and creative as well as talent development. For our associates, it means they get more of what they already love. For clients, she continues to be their advocate for pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities for connecting with their audiences.

As for me I will focus on being CEO for Mottis, dealing less with operations and more with the agency’s growth, as well as other creative, volunteer and community responsibilities. This plan helps us all achieve balance and support the agency properly, which is so critical.

Mariryan Starr, President

Mariryan Starr, President

I appreciate how hard our employees work to manage balance in their lives, which results in a happier, more productive workplace with better creative contributions. Mariryan is a huge advocate for it and great at helping everyone see how they can achieve it without sacrificing their careers.

Join me in congratulating Mariryan on her years with Mottis and this wonderful milestone in her career. I have every confidence in her drive, passion for a healthy workplace and genuine care for doing great work that will support our employees and clients along their journeys in life and work. Congratulations, Mariryan!