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Introducing Mottisimals, A
Holiday Greeting

The Mottis team is excited to reveal our 2012 holiday greeting! “Mottisimals, A Tiger’s Tale of Transformation” is an interactive storytelling experience with a philanthropic purpose.

Mottisimals (pronounced mo-TISS-ee-muhls) features the fictional story of Jellybean, a lonely and rare white tiger who receives a box of costumes bearing likeness to other animals. Jellybean tries on the various pieces and learns the value of being a unique creature. We invite visitors to create their own Mottisimals by selecting costume pieces for Jellybean as they read his story. At the end of the story, we ask each visitor to share his or her Mottisimal.

For each of the first 1,500 Mottisimals created and shared, we will donate $1 to Carolina Tiger Rescue, a wildlife sanctuary in Pittsboro, N.C. Jellybean’s character is based on the real Jellybean, a white tiger housed at the facility along with more than 70 tigers, lions and other wild cats.

“Mottisimals speaks to adaptability, acceptance and individuality, which all play into the ethos of Mottis,” CEO and President Shelley Kelly said. “We believe anyone can appreciate the Mottisimals story. It is fresh, inventive and allows our clients and friends everywhere to support a great cause.”

Creative Director Brandee Hedding added, “Our process for creating Mottisimals exemplifies the energy we strive for at Mottis, from the level of collaboration throughout our agency to the unique charity that we adopted to be a part of this year’s holiday program.”



Hedding and Mottis graphic designers Toni Chester and Susannah Brinkley designed all of the original Mottisimals illustrations and online experience. The illustration style is a contemporary take on folk art and papercraft. Jellybean’s story nods to children’s literature like Clement Clarke Moore’s The Night Before Christmas and Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth.

The web development team at Illuminati Karate of Raleigh, N.C., donated programming expertise to bring the Mottisimals website and our vision for this digital experience to life. The site was built using WordPress and Gravity Forms, with a heavily customized interface that uses jQuery and new features of CSS3 and HTML5 for design customization.

The Mottis team plans to spend a day volunteering at Carolina Tiger Rescue in the New Year.

Create your own Mottisimal!