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Brand Development

When Mary Lee Cudd decided to open her own spa, she came to Mottis for help with branding and positioning to set her apart from the competition. Our team identified Mary Lee's key strengths as they related to opportunities in the Fayetteville market. The result? Élan Med Spa.

Élan means vitality — which is just the kind of renewed energy her clients feel when stepping through the door. The name is reflective of who they are as a company and the type of services they provide to their clients.

We created the name Élan and its logo to best represent Mary Lee’s services, aesthetic and clientele, and armed her with a full range of collateral including business cards, service flyers and a new website. They all portray a fresh new look, with simplistic style and nice movement. Now the brand reflects the experience of Élan Medspa – uplifting, first-class and personal.

Feedback on the new brand has been incredibly positive. And, as for Mary Lee? She’s delighted to have a brand that reflects the top-notch and personal experience of Élan Medspa.

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